Karin Jones

ACE Certified, Expert Personal Trainer

Sports Nutrition & Weight Management        ABC (Agility, Balance, Coordination) Training       Physiology of Thermoregulation

 Coaching Progressions for Speed Agility, & Quickness       Twist Sports Performance        Combat Heat STress Through Hydration

Helping you to achieve whole body fitness for weight-loss, cardiovascular endurance,  muscular strength, specific sport requirements, and living life to the fullest is my goal.  

I joined Body & Mind Fitness as a personal trainer in 2011 and am certified as an ACE Personal Trainer with specialty certification in Sports Conditioning, Nutrition, Weight Management, and Agility, Balance, Coordination Fitness.   My background in training includes coaching for track & field and rowing.   My BA degree in education is from University of Puget Sound with an MA in Curriculum Development  & Supervision from University of Portland.

My passion is rowing and I have been rowing competitively and training for rowing competition since I was 18 – with a few years break to enjoy life with my two daughters – now lovely teenagers with their own passions for volleyball, track, tennis and rowing.

Faith, Family, Friends, & Fitness – all mixed with a lot of fun. That is my life for which I am so very thankful. 

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