MyBodyMind Rejuvenation


De-stress and discover balance in your life.

MyBodyMind Connection Retreat is more than just a fitness and weight loss camp.  We also focus on achieving optimal wellness through total Mind , Body and Soul rejuvenation.  We teach you healthy and proven methods for dealing with the worries of your life.  There comes a time when you need to shift your focus inward, take care of yourself, and fully relax, allowing stress to melt away, this is your time to be well within and at peace with your life.

Experience a soothing environment of peace and harmony that facilitates total rejuvenation for your body, mind, and spirit.  The award winning MyBodyMind Connection Retreat offers a wide spectrum of services tailored to meet the individual needs of our diverse clientele.

Alongside your personalized weight loss program we provide you with a full wellness program which includes several service options massage, spa rejuvenation, meditation classes, life-coaching, stress-management education, nutrition classes, deep stretching and yoga classes, nature walks, hypnotherapy and various other stress reduction techniques.


Relaxation and restoration are recommended as you will be working your body to new limits. Enjoy a 60 minute relaxation massage with your Premium or Deluxe Program.  Invest into extreme self-care… You deserve it!

Meditation and Yoga

MyBodyMind Connection Retreat utilizes the power of yoga to assist in your fitness journey as well as the benefits it provides from the inside out.  Our guests are challenged to consider new perspectives and reach inward to work on their awareness to start living their best life now.


No matter why you seek help or what you hope to change – it’s never just about the presenting symptom – addiction, mood disorder, relationship conflict, career dissatisfaction, insomnia, feeling restless, anxious or overwhelmed, etc. It’s about what lies beneath the surface causing these challenges to bubble to the surface – consistently, relentlessly and sometimes rather predictably.

Hypnosis can also be utilized to help clients navigate and adjust to major life events or transitions – grief & loss, divorce, chronic illness, traumatic injury, victim of crime, etc.,

The good news is – the changes you make will permeate other areas of your life.

“I learned how to manage my stress at MyBodyMind Connection Retreats…My life was seriously spiraling out of control and I couldn’t keep up. I changed some bad habits and realized how important “me” time is. The workouts are challenging, but the spiritual workout is of equal importance. What an amazing life changing experience… the hypnotherapist, yoga, meditation, massage , nutrition counseling…are truly wonderful . I took advantage of the make-over before returning home and I went home feeling beautiful, inside and out and with my mind, body and soul finally at peace !*” Kirsten