Skylar Cannon

Yoga Instructor

I've always been active and passionate about my health. Health is wealth. I fell in love with yoga because practicing made me feel better inside and out. I am a competitive person, but yoga taught me to be patient, loving and accepting of my mind, body and soul. I've also experienced how incorporating a regular yoga practice can help us manage the stress and anxiety of our busy lives, particularly learning the power of our breath. Our body is our temple which needs to be tended to with love. 

Once I discovered yoga I knew I needed to take the next step and pursue the highest level of teaching Certification.  I traveled to the yoga capital of the world in Rishikesh, India where I completed 500 hours of training certifications at Akshi Yogashala. I learned yoga postures, breath-work, meditation and holistic health medicine. I also have experience with detoxing the body with a plant-based lifestyle. Plants are incredible for healing the body of any sickness- mental illness or physical illness. If you have interest in yoga or plant based nutrition I would be happy to provide guidance.

I am so excited to share this beautiful practice with you at Body & Mind Fitness.