Let Us Challenge You!

Bring it HOME for the Holidays 

8 Week Body Transformation Challenge Basic Entry $75

Enter to Win Friday, Sept. 22: 4-8pm or Saturday, Sept. 23: 7-11am at the Studio, walk-ins and non-members WELCOME!

Contact Leanne:  425-879-5201, or leanne@mybodymindfitnes.com to reserve you start-up appointment today!


This challenge is offering our best prize ever.  We are planning a fitness vacation for our studio family.  Everyone will have the opportunity to attend for a fee.  The winner of this 8 week challenge will not only get the all inclusive vacation for FREE, they will also get to help plan the destination and dates.  If the winner chooses not to participate in the fitness vacation, they will have the option of a $500 CASH prize.  Winners will be announced before Thanksgiving at our Body & Mind Fitness Studio.


1.     Entry dates are Friday, September Sept. 22: 4-8pm or  Saturday, Sept. 23: 7-11am.  All challengers meet at the Body & Mind Fitness Studio in Smokey Point.  

2.  The Challenge is open to the public.  Challengers must be at least 13 years of age to enter.

3.     Weekly wellness, nutrition and fitness challenges.

4.  Body Composition analysis:  Weight, Body fat and girth measurements will be taken on start and finish dates.

10.  Measurements will be confidential to the judging panel until after the judging.


1.     The winners will be judged on personal percentage of positive body composition change.

2.    The judging panel will consist of the Body & Mind Fitness Personal Training team who is experienced in evaluating body transformation.

3.     Body & Mind Fitness reserves the right to interpret these rules and if necessary, to amend the rules at its sole discretion and without notice to participants.  Rule interpretation and judging decisions are final.  All information and materials submitted become the sole and exclusive property of Body & Mind Fitness.

4.    Contestants may not us anabolic steroids or any strength enhancing, prescription drugs or medications unless prescribed by a physician to treat an existing medical condition (must be noted on entry form).  Enhancement surgery is not permitted during the contest.

5.    Contestants may be asked to supply a copy of the diet and exercise program they followed during the contest.