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Hypno Power Weight Loss:

Together, Body & Mind Fitness and Sensorium Hypnosis have co-created one of the most powerful, comprehensive & holistic weight loss programs to ever hit the market. Experience the profound benefits of Hypnosis, Energy Work, Spiritual Healing, Fitness, Nutrition Counseling & Yoga!

Split conveniently into 3 monthly segments for a total of 12 weeks, here’s a quick snapshot of our focus/themes:


Month # 1: “I am Worthy.” 

This first month of your healing journey is about creating a mindset that facilitates growth and success. Both your Hypnosis and Fitness & Nutrition sessions will be private and conducted one-to-one, customized to meet your needs. We will help you recognize, challenge and extinguish thought and behavior patterns that dishonor you so you may begin a metamorphic transformation of mind, body & soul.     

Month # 2: “Recognize Your Truth.” 

The second month of your healing journey is about identifying triggers, owning them and phasing them out while committing to a healthier, more empowering set of thoughts and behaviors.  During Hypnosis we will take a tour of how your mind and body responds to food and create new neural pathways leading to better choices. In the Fitness & Nutrition segment, you will begin a nutritional cleanse.

Month # 3: “Experience the Highest Version of You.” 

The third month of your healing journey is about establishing a permanent lifestyle that embraces health & wellness in all areas – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Group classes will be team taught by your Hypnotist and Personal Trainer/Nutritionist/ Yoga Instructor.  You will learn to use your strengths as an anchor to achieve your goals.