To Register:

If you Registered for the MyBodyMindTransformation Challenge you do NOT need to register here! This registration is included with the TRANSFORMATION Challenge.

  • IOS APP:

  • Enter email and your password of choice

  • In upper left corner click on the 3 vertical lines

  • Click on classes

  • Click on your challenge or contest of choice “MyBodyMindWORKOUT”


  • Enter Payment Information and Check out, if you have problems registering online contact us please!

  • Contact us to Schedule your 15 minute start-up appointment before November 1.

    Leanne Christie: 425-879-5201

Rules & Guidelines:   

  • Check-in on the mybodymindfitness Facebook page UP TO 84 times  (like it too) with success stories

  • Join our MyBodyMindWORKOUT CLOSED  group on Facebook

  • Share UP TO 84 workout experiences, photos, hikes… in the MyBodyMindWorkout Facebook CLOSED Group November1 thru January 31

  • All contest communication will be shared in the MyBodyMindWorkout group on facebook. Post your questions and comments here also.

  • Check-In on  our APP 50 times (MyBodyMindFitness)  under the MyBodyMindWORKOUT Challenge Enrollment each time you complete a workout.  Each workout must include three components: strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and Stretching and be at least 30 minutes in length.

  • MyBodyMindWORKOUT challenges will be available in our MyBodyMindWORKOUT CLOSED group on facebook.

  • Challengers that Check-In to the MyBodyMindWORKOUT CLASS on the APP 11 times each 14 days will be entered into a bi-weekly drawing for FREE services from Body & Mind Fitness. Bi-Weekly Winners will be posted in our the Facebook CLOSED group.


  • 1 point for each  time you check-in at the MyBodyMindFitness Studio on our facebook page during your 12 week challenge (up to 84)

  • 1 point for each workout photo or idea posted  (up to 84) in our MyBodyMindWORKOUT CLOSED Group on Facebook

  • 1 point for each time you check-in to  the MyBodyMindWORKOUT CLASS on our APP (up to 84 times), you may only check-in if you completed a workout that was complete, see rules above

  • 1 point for each referral that schedules a free consultation