More Success Stories

Corryne B.

I started with leanne a few months ago. From day 1 she has made me comfortable and always encourages me to keep going. I am very happy with my services that are provided for me. I am also very pleased with the results I am getting and the knowledge!


Diona R.

I started coming to Leanne a few years ago and have been in and out of her studio every since. She never gives up on me and always accepts me right where I am at, yet she pushes me past my fears and encourages me to move forward by making healthier choices and giving up excuses. When you train with Leanne she invests in you and always goes above and beyond what is expected and the results are above and beyond what is expected. I am returning to Leanne for the 3rd time because she is a motivator, encourager, and influences positive changes in my attitudes and habits that benefit my health. You still have to do the work, but she holds you accountable to it! Leanne is a blessing!



Whitney W.

I began training with Leanne in 2008 at Golds Gym. I was training for an upcoming physical test for a firefighting job I was pursuing. Leeann kicked my butt into shape and I passed the test and gained confidence and a healthy lifestyle. Three years later I began training with her again because I enjoyed it so much the first time. My dad also trained with leeann and lost 100 lbs. He'd never stepped into a gym before he met her and was significantly overweight. Leeann gave him his life back and the knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Janet Sanchez

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Stacey A.

I came to Leanne as a past athlete but a novice in weight training. Through her investment in me, I am stronger than I have ever been, more aware of my eating choices and the impact they have on my training and overall health and gaining new lifelong habits of pushing my self harder and giving up my excuses. Leanne is knowledgeable, pushes you past what you accept as your "limit" and helps in all ways she possibly can to help you meet your goals. She has above and beyond service to all her clients.



Sally P.

My workout partner and I have been working out with Leanne for about 5 years. We started with her at Gold's Gym and followed her to her studio when it was completed. It is very well equipped. Leanne helped get my workout partner in tip-top shape for a body-building competition. She got 3rd place. I have gained muscle and cardio-endurance with her kick-butt circuits. There is NEVER an easy workout with Leanne. She pushes me and encourages me in a gentle, friendly way. She is an expert in nutrition and talks about nutrition during our workouts. I just had my 3rd child and Leanne is helping me lose the baby weight and get into my best shape ever. She is flexible about scheduling. We have a binder full of Leanne's workouts, we use them at the gym. I recommend her to my friends.



Angela H.

I trained with Leanne for over 2 years until I got pregnant and had my daughter. I still use her workouts to this day when I work out. I had always gone to the gym, but Leanne showed me how to "workout". I built muscle and lost 10 pounds I didn't know I needed to lose. She is the BEST and I love her passion for the industry. She has certainly passed down her dedication to me. :)