Welcome to the MyBodyMindFitness Family

We Opened our Private Studio for a Reason

We have been called the ‘Nordstrom’s’ of the Fitness Industry.  Because we don't have 8000 plus members to manage like many big gyms, We can better take care of our clients.  We pride ourselves on our attention to details and the service and value we offer the people who have trusted their health and fitness to us.

We Actually Want You to use the Facility!

As a Fitness and Training studio, we differentiate ourselves from a standard fitness gym because we operate from a ‘quality of experience’ focus versus a pure volume model like most large clubs.  You see, there are a lot of people out there who pay for a gym membership but never actually use it.  

And that's a critical aspect of a gym membership - you actually have to use it to get results! If you don't show up, We will be calling to find out why! It's exactly this type of accountability that most people need to help them stick to a program and get great results!

A Home away from Home

When we created our world-class fitness and training studio in Arlington WA, W chose colors and materials very carefully.  We have worked hard to create an environment that is motivating, uplifting, private and welcoming. Our facility is immaculate and beautiful – it doesn’t look or smells like your typical gym. In fact, a local news paper report found our facility to be the cleanest gym in the area.

We provide a home away from home – a place where literally everybody does know your name.

 If you enjoy the atmosphere where you work out, you’ll be more likely to get here – and we know from experience that consistency is the key to results.  And once you're here - we take care of everything else.